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So you’re thinking of putting up a new fence. You do some research to start the project and you find that the terms PVC fence and Vinyl Fence are used interchangeably, even by us. So what gives? Is there a difference between vinyl fences and PVC fences? Other than the fact that our top vinyl fence company in Palm Beach County will provide you with those materials for an amazing price? Well, the short answer is no, but due to the sake of differentiating, there is a bit more to the story.

When vinyl fences are made, a resin called polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is used. So when you think about it in terms of what it’s made of, vinyl fences and PVC fence are the same thing. For the sake of this article however, let’s say that a PVC fence is a homemade one made up of ordinary PVC pipes attached together. A fence is considered vinyl when manufacturers like the ones at our top vinyl fence supply company form PVC into panels and other styles that mimic wooden fences. When you think of PVC, you think of the pipes, right? So that helps to differentiate the two.

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One big pro to vinyl and PVC fencing is the low maintenance. You certainly don’t have to do as much as you would with a wooden fence. PVC fences are great for residential vinyl fence wholesale because the only maintenance they require is a soap scrub and a water hose down. If you’re going the route of a PVC pipe fence though, broken parts will need to be replaced. Whatever you go with, make sure to choose the best PVC fence supplier in Palm Beach County!

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Vinyl fence panels in Palm Beach County are generally more expensive than their wooden fence counterparts. However, for the increased price, there are benefits that will make choosing a vinyl fence worth the investment. When you compare a vinyl fence to its PVC piped pal, vinyl fence panels still come out pricier. This is because high-quality vinyl fence are crafted to meet and exceed the durability of wooden fences. With PVC fences, you’re putting the pipes together, and you get the strength that comes with it. Thankfully, affordable vinyl and PVC fence supply is provided by our company, and we’re sure to give you the best price!

If you’re a DIY-er going it alone, make sure that you’re careful when assembling a PVC fence on your own. Our company will handle the part of being the best PVC fence supplier in Palm Beach County, but you’ll need to step up when it comes to precise measurements and careful cutting. You’ll want your PVC pipes to be of the exact lengths that you need for your fence. If you opt to go the route of ordering high-quality vinyl fence panels however, the materials will come with our easy to follow assembly instructions.

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